Husband Stealer Brittany Nikkole Thomas

Husband Stealer Brittany Nikkole Thomas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me warn you about this girl. She talks about love and light, she speaks about energies and healing, but she’s really a fake back-stabbing social climber. Brittany Nikkole Thomas has never had a job where she wasn’t sleeping with the employer.

She can’t keep friends for more than a year. If she’s not begging them to giving her drugs, she’s sleeping with their husbands while she sits in their chair getting her hair done. The only thing this woman knows how to do is give BJ’s Pizza jobs and steal Pepsi.

She’s a self-absorbed narcissist who claims to be a Reno model. She’s only with her current man because she saw another meal ticket. This woman has never done anything for herself and she changes her personality and goals every time she changes Greg. This woman knows no loyalty. She’s all about self preservation, manipulation, and control.

Sounds like 92% of all females.- nik

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