Insta-Ho Cooking With No Flame For The Gram

Insta-Ho Cooking With No Flame For The Gram

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, is this what a bad boob job looks like? It’s been bothering me for awhile now as to what is off about her boobs…. Lachia Damis has a weird hair line down her stomach/naval area too. Is this a lipo/Brazilian scar? Her dog is also “instafamous” too…… stop with the tongue stuff, it’s not cute.

Maybe you can’t find a dude to start a family with because everything you do is for the gram….. what man or woman wants to share their significant other with fake followers on social media? Stop going out to clubs and paying for photo shoots and get your girls re-done and get off social media. Period. THEN You’ll find yourself a man.

Hello Philadelphia, yes she smells like Philly trash. I’m getting comments and cities back soon. Stop asking me and enjoy this chest and belly dent.- nik

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