Irish Girl Spreads False Rumors – Two Faced – To Lose Accommodations

Irish Girl Spreads False Rumors – Two Faced – To Lose Accommodations

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m sure you’ve had a friend that seems so sweet, loving, fun, and full of life. This is about where the compliments stop with Fiona.

Fiona Louise Flynn, a current Vancouver resident, has, with several witnesses, a reputation for spreading false rumors to friend circles and landlords of hostils, out of spite jealousy (and psychological reasons we cannot explain), putting residents on the street. Not only that, even with finances to back being evacuated so quickly, there is not always a solution the first day of getting kicked out. She also, apparently, has performed other “stunts” to advance in paying rent however we are not sure if this is true. At least five individuals were involved in what is potentially a slander case not worth going for.

Be very careful as this woman can be seen in the East Side of Downtown (West Pender and Hamilton Corner and within 4-6 blocks) and stays at hostils until she can find a new boyfriend to keep her from paying rent. We have no idea what to do with this individual as the ones she has slandered are all good people, but this is of very high concern, and her stories are almost believable based on her personality traits. We have at least 15 to 20 individuals that agree she will do whatever it takes to get your friends against you, even though nobody believes her lies. She also spreads false rumors that people are selling or doing hard drugs, when they are actually hard working individuals, and may potentially be prostituting or stripping with private clients on LeoList.

American Backpackers is a place where she stays every so often, and the pedophiles that run the place get along with her for obvious reasons (she is not under age however she is easy to manipulate and trick into doing sexual favors in return for free rent).

Smart move cropping the Irish arms from the selfie. Now we just need a nose job with a matching chin to claim Norway with the new identity (just a solid guess on my part).- nik

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