Is Brittany ‘Flowerchild’ Hernandez Pay 4 Play

Is Brittany ‘Flowerchild’ Hernandez Pay 4 Play

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey Nik, so here’s the run down on this girl Brittany Hernandez. She says she’s a dj, but we all know that game. Wannabe instagram famous happy go lucky girl. The funny thing is she uses her persona of being a free loving hippie as a cover for escorting! If it’s not one dumb rich guy buying into her B/S it’s the next.

Not to mention the different guy every night or sometimes even two! Definitely would want to be cautious for DRD’s. Don’t be fooled by her ‘sweet’ personality as I’m sure she’s just waiting for the next guy to fund her vacations or plastic surgery. It won’t be long until she goes back for nose job number 2!

The first nose job never looks right… just like the third one. Hernia, I support your decision on #2.- nik

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