Ivana Leemet of Vancouver

Ivana Leemet of Vancouver

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this lady has a history in Vancouver as a player with her clients. She will use her client to do anything for her if something goes wrong. What her clients do not know is that she shares personal information with the others. She will as far as talk about her own family and friends to her clients. I know that she has even gone as far as having her clients call up other clients.

Gentlemen this lady is one to stay very clear from. She has an angle for everything and will use it for her own personal gain. I have had the pleasure of talking to a few and a couple of her clients that she thinks is helping her, well they too are now very protective of the info provided to her, (quote, like one says she can not be trusted).

What is very concerning is the lack of respect for people health, unprotected sex. Guys beware that is all and for her to be training in the business that she is in. That is very concerning. She is looking at another way of living too, and again very concerning. Friends of this one just be aware she will talk about you so just be careful of information to provided to her, and if she asks you to doing anything towards her clients and friends well just might want to think twice, because you just do not know if they are talking to the person she is playing.

Family- do not tell her anything at all. (maybe one day she will grow up and stop playing men for money in return for sex). Better yet stop using and playing friends, family, and people to get ahead. CRA should look into her unclaimed funds for taxes, she talks about how much money she is making as a P4P. Good luck people be careful of this person.


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