Ivana Leemet Of Vancouver

Ivana Leemet Of Vancouver

TE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ranging tramp (Ranging definition, the extent to which or the limits between which variation is possible). If you are her brother Matt, who friends most likely have been sleep with, or Ava who husband is now in Jail, (think about what your sister and he has done behind your back) and now with this other guy that you are now hanging with. Think about your little sister as she calls it hitting them… Or her father who is a realtor in Surrey, when holding open houses and having your little daughter help you hold them. Think about how she is collecting her clients over and above posting on the site eroslist.com under many different names and working out of hotels, or helping you out at your office and texting her clients at the time at your office.

Just think who your sister is and daughter is, she is no angel at all. She will go as far as have some guy call and say it is her uncle, he will even call you from an internet number. Sure looks like a person that is part of her blackmail scam. She will have you for a meeting as she calls it, and when you are away over even sleeping overnight she will get up and take a picture of your id and then us it to blackmail you by texting you pictures of you and your family or friends and work place. demanding payment or she will post it on the internet.

She is now doing this to pay for herself through nursing school and she even is thinking about taking and getting her realtor lic in BC. Just think how she will get her commission and sell homes, hay hospital people, she if she will put out on the side as she says she has a bucket list. Things she would like to try in a hospital. She will use many different numbers throughout her postings and haves two different snapchat profiles,

You will be able to bump into her at local places around town, like earls, catusclub having something to eat with her sister and brother, funny thing she will take picture of it and then text her clients pictures of her family and friends, beware friends and family, like I said she is no angel at all. NO doubt your sister pray on the weak with her side kick to blackmail men or could even be your friends and even customers for her gain. Think how she is paying for all this school ???? As for her friends do not tell he anything she will share it with her customers to gain trust from them.. Like I said ranging tramp of Vancouver, she has gone by Majestic Mia and now using another name, she has not quite daddy or family she is just playing you one again….


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  1. playerSeptember 2, 2017 at 8:27 PM

    I have been sleeping this lady for sometime, she and I have been having sex without protection and love it, she is even asked about meeting up with another couple to swing with

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