UPDATE: Jasmine Lenko From VanDirty

UPDATE: Jasmine Lenko From VanDirty

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this little girl needs a huge wake up call. Jasmine Lenko has been P4P since she was in her late teens, she tells her friends that she “doesn’t sleep with any of her clients” (that’s what every escort in Vancouver says) and that these men are flying her around and paying her just for her time and to hang out. Does she actually think anyone believes this?

She thinks she’s better then every other girl because she got butt implants. She’s had multiple procedures done because the are so botched and they still look terrible! Nobody thinks you look any better than before just because you got a hunk of plastic put into your flat little boy ass. Get more tattoos to cover up all your nasty scars from all your botched surgeries. Do you ever wonder why your still single?

VanDirty coming in hot… whoever the chick on the left is- she would be so much hotter as an amputee.- nik

UPDATE: Jasmine’s Mom has responded…


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