Jasmine Lenko Is Also A Thief

Jasmine Lenko Is Also A Thief

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m not hating on Jazzy for being a P4P because that’s how I make a living myself. I’m posting her for being a thief and to warn any working ladies to stay away from her. I brought Jazzy along to a private party and when we got paid our tips she stole mine as well as a few other meaningless belongings I had in my purse.

Jasmine Lenko is known to steal, but I worked with her and partied with her outside of work, and I had no idea it was true until she stole from me! Jazzy, your butt implants look terrible you had such a flat ass you can see the entire implant when you walk. She meets most of her clients off Instagram so watch out she might steal from you!

Momma Lenko, I think Marlboro wants their miles back.- nik


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