Jazmin Salinas Of Dallas, Texas

Jazmin Salinas Of Dallas, Texas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so glad you’re back, the site was so boring for too long. Dallas is full of $30K millionaires and party girls who love to take cash and gifts from dumb guys with too much money. Jazmin Martin (a.k.a. Jazmin Darling and Jazmin Salinas – she’s always changing it stay one step ahead of guys she’s used and discarded) leases apartments by day but by night and weekends is a Sugar Baby extraordinaire.

She loves to shop and travel and post inspirational quotes about her amazing life, but she can’t deny that its old rich guys (Alberto and Gregg are just the latest) supporting her lifestyle in exchange for sleeping with them. She thinks that work is beneath her and has the leasing job just as a cover so people can’t question how she maintains her expensive lifestyle. She is one step away from P4P (or is she already there?) and we all know what that makes her.

I’m concerned about the extra ‘G’ at the end of Greg’s name. He’s obviously lacking in the lower regions. Also, Jazmin you need to screenshot this image and reinsert it into Instagram, this way you can double up on the Vignette. It will hide the lack of calcium in your shins.- nik


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