Jennifer Rosebrugh Kingsfield of Red Deer

Jennifer Rosebrugh Kingsfield of Red Deer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Jennifer Kingsfield. She is slandering everyone around her so here is her karma. She uploaded her husband Cory on here trying to make him look like a predator. She has her new boyfriend Kyle Thibeault (also on the dirty) send people out to slash Cory’s tires. Do not trust this woman. She’s using her kids as weapons and she will stab you in the back 20 times to get one step ahead. She also dragged my other buddy’s name through the mud trying to get him charged for something he didn’t even do. Keep this one on a very short leash.

The dating process is very simple. Use search bar for background checks. If your partner pops up, do not penetrate or be penetrated. Run for your life.- nik

**Also, I need to clear up this weird misconception that I’m homophobic… that’s a full lie. If you’re ‘For the Gays’ I’m cool with that… so please submit sword fighters from the Keys and the Cod.

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