Jeremiah Monreno The Dead Beat

Jeremiah Monreno The Dead Beat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dead beat Dad Jeremiah Moreno has 6 kids and doesn’t do sh*t for any of them. He would rather get drunk and be in the bars then buy his kids a pair of shoes. Can’t even buy them a birthday card. Brags about having all kinds of money when my friends see you out in the bar trying to flash it like your somebody. Little do they know you live in a hotel. Probably doing pepsi and other drugs he rather spend his money on that then to buy his kids stuff.

A couple months ago he brags about having a girlfriend that they were all happy and engaged. By the way, they’re broken up now. Lol and she was saying she was pregnant or might be on Facebook. Wow 7 kids that would have been his fourth baby momma. She bragged about him spending all kinds of money on her going to the mall, but can’t even spend a dollar on his kids. He could probably care less if he sees them again.

And another secret he try’s to keep is his a down low child molester. He got accused of it and he acts like it never happened. His son and Dad are both in trouble for that. I guess the apple don’t fall to far from the tree. Well jokes on you. You’re nothin but a drunk that could care less about your kids. All you do is spread your seed around and walk away. You don’t even have custody of any of his kids. Neither does one of the dead beat baby momma he has. Stay away girls. He has 6 kids and don’t do sh*t for any of them probably never will 😂.

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