Jessica Lasher Needs To Mind The Gap

Jessica Lasher Needs To Mind The Gap

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been following this girl name Jessica Lasher. She can go by many different hoe names. Anyway, she is the biggest P4P in Whistler and Vancouver downtown- but mostly whistler. She works for Roxy’s in Whistler and she did work for Brandi’s in Whistler up until Brandi found out she had DRD. This girl really thinks she is a model, like super model- no, she a super hoe that sells herself for super cheap.

She eats like a pig and then she goes into the washroom and all u hear her is puking her food and this is all the time. I never seen that girl keep food In. I saw her naked lol let me tell you this girl stomach is gross. It’s like the mountains of whistler ….. Everyone feels bad for her, but she just keeps doing wrong and never listens. She never showers each time or even end of her shift. She justs goes straight to bed. I have never seen her take shower ….. this is no model but she is a super hoe up in Whistler and she cheap.

In my freshman year of college when I would run out of content, I would close my eyes and have the most epic soft-core (slow pumps) dream of making sweet love in Whistler. In this fantasy after I was done with the slopes, I was making love in a log cabin to Shannon Tweed (in her prime) by a fire place. She had the best nipples… ugh, those were the days.- nik

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  2. DibsOctober 2, 2017 at 9:57 PM

    What she has is an illness. This is absolute bullying and this does not offer any help.

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