Julie Ackerson of Portland, Oregon

Julie Ackerson of Portland, Oregon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, put these 2 scumbags on blast. Julie and Jeff Ackerson are 2 cracked out meth head old people who live in a dump and “breed” dogs. More like they live in a filthy dog orgy. They have no education or expertise, they just let their dogs bone freely and claim breeder. They also claim to run a “marketing” company. It’s nonexistent. One look at these 2 and no normal person would even give them directions hahaha.

Even worse, these 2 took a car that was stolen from a dead person and chopped it up. Julie even called the hospital incessantly trying to glean info while they committed their crime. I know the victim’s family located the car, photographed it on their property, and confronted them. They did what any parent would do in this situation: they hid the car and chopped it up. What disgusting animals would do this?

Well they’re named JULIE and JEFF ACKERSON, that’s who. Karma is coming for ya Julie & Jeff, sadly when karma is not instant it’s your children who grow up to pay the ultimate price.

Looks like Julie’s diet hasn’t been in jeopardy. Her weight looks wealthy.- nik


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  1. JJanuary 12, 2018 at 12:07 PM

    Who ever typed this a pathetic waste of a person, they don’t “breed” dogs you dumb idiot,i would like to have a l conversation to ever typed this message in person, that is if they are man enough to show themselves(probably not)

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