Justin Rahman — Exotic Drive Sex Club, Drugs And Losers

Justin Rahman — Exotic Drive Sex Club, Drugs And Losers

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hello Dirty Army…where do we begin with this sleeze-ball? Justin Rahman runs a club called the “Exotic Drive Club of Dallas” where he takes money from club members and they are treated to special private DRD shows from his “models.” This guy gets down on their luck single moms and teenage girls to model in his club members exotic cars and then they do private shows where they do some Pepsi and add a little GHB in the drinks to lighten the mood.

He has threatened all the girls with “ruining” their lives with the pictures he took of them while they were drugged up or wasted and posting them for their friends and family to see if they speak up about what happened to them or if they try to warn other models in the Dallas area. Time to put this 2 time loser on blast. He doesn’t even have any exotics car!!

He delivers pizzas for a living. His club members know it and cover for him so they can party behind their wives backs! Justin Rahman always rides in their Lambos and Porsches and claims his ride is either in the shop or being worked on. Dallas needs to know to stay a million miles away from this sicko and liar and his group of pervs that use their cars to get women. Looks like a whole lotta of “small” men are part of this “club.”

No offense, but Justin Rahman looks like a dumb ass caveman… there’s no way he can put an illegal operation like this together… so who is the real boss?- nik


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