Kaitlyn Lavigne the biggest slore in Ottawa

Kaitlyn Lavigne the biggest slore in Ottawa

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has been around the city and other places. She is always in and out of relationships because she can’t be loyal if her life depended on it. She had a kid and can’t even take care of her kid. Through her whole pregnancy she partied and couldn’t keep her legs closed. She likes to ruin others life’s by starting unnecessary drama or sleeping with your man.



While she was in a relationship she was stripping and doing p4p. She has had so much drds. She thinks she’s top shit but in reality she is the dirtiest most ugly girl I have seen in my life. Hearing her name makes me wanna throw up. She always gives her kid to friends and family so she can party and fuk random people. She will try and fight anyone when in reality she can’t fight. She needs to be kept away from society cause if not she’s gonna give so many people drds. She post slutty pics of herself on the same Instagram as her daughter. She shouldn’t even have her daughter, she’s a disgrace as a human, as a mother, and as a “friend”. She’s fake to everyone. It’s disgusting.



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