Kalee Howard Is Making A Huge Mistake

Kalee Howard Is Making A Huge Mistake

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this girl Kalee Howard. Oh what is there to say about this girl. Lack of brains is the nice way to put it. She’s a bit of a sloot, runs around preaching about god, Faith, love. She started dating a guy who’s a known liar and cheater. When I say liar, I mean played a game so strong he had girls for every night of the week including a few guys he met on Grinder.

She caused a break up, was warned about the DRD carrying jackass she’s with and ignored all the warning signs so she could get a pretty little ring. They have been together less then 5 months. I hope that DRD and all those lies he told you are worth the heartache you’re about to face.

If you just wanted a pretty ring I’m sure the 13 guys you told that your boyfriend ment nothing to you would of bought you one. If you want to get to the underage drinking and her boy toy being a cop you’ve got a perfect example of why this world is falling apart. Be like Kalee get yo self a liar, cheater, big bad cop that still lives with mommy. I bet he’s so happy he’s found someone to believe his lies about all of his crazy ex’s.

OP- sounds like you slept with the Cop more than once. Also, it’s not Kalee Howard’s fault the world is falling apart… it’s mine for leaving you.- nik


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