Kassia Gill of Kamloops

Kassia Gill of Kamloops

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Kassia Gill. Never in my life have I encountered such a toxic easy woman. I found out that she slept with my husband for money and broke up a family of me and two kids. She’s been known to sleep with whoever- men or women- and use them to their advantage. She’s manipulative and dangerous. She doesn’t care who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants, and if she doesn’t get what she wants show make sure she runs her life. She’s done this to three of my friends and their men. If you look her name up on the Internet it has nothing but bad things to say about her. She lost her child because of some ex-boyfriend who was addicted to heroin and all she does is bang  for money and she’s all over Backpage. She is huge into drugs but she’ll never admit it. Watch out ladies- this one will come and run your life and take your man along for the ride .


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  1. MoiJune 6, 2019 at 5:37 AM

    Shes the dirtiest nastiest slore in kamloops

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