Katherine Dreysko Is A Killer

Katherine Dreysko Is A Killer

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Katherine Dreysko has made two men commit suicide. She lies to them, she stole from them, and she has cheated on them. She has been with the same man for 28 years and has cheated on him five or six times but yet he lets her come home every time because he feels sorry for her. What a sucker he is. This woman is obnoxiously rude and an ignorant a drug addict. She’s on clonazepam, she’s on estrogen for her menopause and she takes all sorts of anxiety medications.

Katherine Dreysko has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder from a car accident she had 2 years ago or more and yet she is able to hike up a mountain, go swimming, go dirt biking, go clotting, go 4 by 4 in and play all sorts of sports. So I hope the insurance company finds out about this stuff and doesn’t give her a dime because she is raking her last husband over the coals and taking him for everything he is worth.

This woman is a user and abuser of men. When she is done with that man that she is with now poor Philip Eldridge. He’s going to go through heartbreak like you wouldn’t believe because he is such a putz and a pansy maybe that’s what she needs is another good sucker.

I don’t care about any of this stuff. Tell me about the dead guys. I want Nancy Grace drama or you’re wasting my time with this sh*t.- nik


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  1. Super girlApril 13, 2018 at 2:08 PM

    She’s a perfect match Philip Eldridge is a drug addict cheater. Has been cheating on his wife for years. Deadbeat loser. Criminal record.