Kayla Manson of Bridgewater

Kayla Manson of Bridgewater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well where do I start on this slut? This is a public service announcement to the men of Bridgewater ! This slut is as nasty as they come. She thinks she is queen sh*t on turd island, but in reality, she has to f**k for her debts to get any action! She is a stage 5 clinger. And when she doesn’t get her way with a man, she then causes him as much grief as possible. Like a 2 year old having a temperature tantrum. Making rumors and such.

Included is proof she will such Greg to pay debts off. Or f**k too if she has to. Even outside. As one of the texts says she has experience fu**ing outside. LOL she is also a huge RAT ! There was screenshots of her bragging to octomom on how she rather out at least 4 people for selling weed. Her own weed dealers at that!!! And one of them wasn’t even a dealer either! It was one of the men who turned her nasty a*s down! She was only trying to cause him trouble for ditching her a*s to the curb! She also buys real life skulls and masturbate to them. She told one of her guy friends before being ditched that she can only get off masturbating to skulls. How f**king creepy is that sh*t?

And she also likesaid fu**ing her mom’s boyfriend when her mom isn’t around!!!! And that is about as low as it gets folks. This b*tch is the epitome of a human ogre. Her mouth looks like a cheese grater on meth. So boys unless you want your Greg to look like it went through a meat grinder, I suggest you get cash for your debts lmfao! So Kayla you better stop continuously running your mouth about people on the net. Because you never know who may know what about you or who may have pictures or proof about what you are all about. It’s about time someone told the public what kind of dirty slut you are. So get off your high horse (would have to be really high to support you without collapsing ). You are not a goddess. You don’t look like barbie. So put a bag on your head and go back to your stall like a good piggy. Maybe there you will find something with a Greg that will actually want to sleep with you !!!!! ??????????????????????


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