Kelsey Larue of San Diego

Kelsey Larue of San Diego

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here we have Kelsey Larue. She is the biggest loser and scumbag in town. She’s a heroin addict who shoplifts from Target and Walmart, and constanly lies and manipulates people. She has no friends because she steals from everyone. She can’t hold a job let alone maintain a relationship. She dates anyone from druggies, skinheads, creepy Asians, and old men.

If Kelsey doesn’t get what she wants, she’ll straight up cry on your ass or threaten to hurt you. Everyone can only hope she ends up back in jail real soon. She has a warrant that’s been out for 7 months. Just look at her. She’s borderline malnourished.

OP, next time submit full body images… not Molly ones.- nik

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