Kim McGuire From The Delta

Kim McGuire From The Delta

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this trashy want to be porn star looking Oompa Loopa is Kim McGuire, now where to start?? She lost custody of her son, can’t see him and doesn’t seem to care she’s ruined her life so why not everyone else’s. She cries poor me about her idiot boyfriend one day ex the next to anyone who listen. She’s been crying to an ex for years.

I’m talking years ago she was just arrested for drug use, her family is desperate to get her help but all she cares about is pepsi and Greg- doesn’t matter who’s man she goes after. This slug is posting every thing even underwater on bidding sites to get her next fix. She can’t pay her own bills since she apparently lost this guy again she’s been trying to shack up with any man even asking if they can still have babies. Fix your life, get help and leave other people’s men alone!

The drugs and random cardio sex don’t seem to be working, Kim is very obese to me.- nik

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