Ladies, Beware of Healywood

Ladies, Beware of Healywood

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Dear Nik, word has it this fraud is currently shooting a reality show and is about to become the next D list reality star. Ladies beware before his fake TV persona fools you. We don’t know about being gay, but we do know this narcissist just bought a one way ticket to “Healywood” as he named it. Yes, he renamed Hollywood after himself.

The guy puts up billboards all over Dallas and then goes and takes pictures in front of them in awe of himself. His pattern with women is a joke, different girl same relationship. He DM’s girls from out of town on social media and lures them in with his “Fake” Christian persona and showers them in gifts. He then moves them to Dallas (since all the local Dallas girls wouldn’t even touch him with their worst enemies vagina). He can’t keep up his perfect act for long and once they see his true, selfish and sociopathic colors they run for the hills. Only for him to convince himself that they have wronged him and he even believes his own lies that he spreads over town.

He left his last girlfriend high and dry the same week she lost her 16 year old brother in a tragic accident. On the day before his funeral he sent her a letter to vacate her apartment and sold her car he gave her as a gift when she moved to Dallas. Poor girl moved from California and he left her in the middle of a family crisis. This guy who posts weekly Christian quotes with hashtag #supjesus is a soul-less coward. No wonder he had to pay for his 13k followers and his only friends are 20 year olds he employs. Don’t worry, even if you work for him you are expendable too. His ex-wife told a friend their wedding day was the worst day of her life.

Another ex-girlfriend from Nashville caught on to his selfish ways and told friends she just decided to use him for his followers to help with her blog and told everyone how big of a fake loser he is. Do not support Fraudgers Healy Real Estate this guy doesn’t deserve any of your hard earned money. There are plenty other people to buy and sell your house.

This has been a tough week for Healyhood… the dude is really getting exposed.- nik

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