Lexie Tomicic Needs Help

Lexie Tomicic Needs Help

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirty easy girl right here Lexie Tomicic, she just turned 19 and smokes weed all day with her stripper/escort friend Ashley Floris in San Juan Capistrano, CA. She’s following right in Ashley’s footsteps of smoking weed, being lazy, and wasting time thinking about the mythical universe.

She works at Starbucks making 8 bucks an hour with her friend Ashley and has developed so much acne from smoking weed all day that her face looks like the lunar surface. She’s barely 5 foot tall and acts like a bossy girl telling others what to do. She comes from a poor white trash family in Riverside but now lives in San Juan with her best friend Ashley Floris and spends the day on Twitter and Instagram posting photos of stupid stuff. Nik let’s get this girl some Proactiv solution for that acne she needs it immediately.

Cities will open up soon. Stand by. FYI- I’m in Paris, it sucks. Not the same… ISIS ruined this place. And OP this submission is not going to help… Lex will read this and smoke more from anxiety. You are a bad friend.- nik


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