Look out for Meaghan Strachan

Look out for Meaghan Strachan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meaghan Strachan is a real problem. She will use you to get that she wants, making you think everything is all good. We met on POF and the first date was great coffee and doobie I went home thinking what a great girl. Next day she ask me if I wanted to go camping? I was nervous about it but hey, what could go wrong? Nothing. She was super nice drove up there had everything in her jeep. That night we sleep in the same tent. Pushing her ass up against me that was the sign of “F ME” so like any guy would do we did it. Second date! Less then 12 hrs of knowing Meaghan. Then again in the morning- you could say things are going great. (Meaghan told me the first day She met me all She could think about is how big my Greg is and can I f**k) even said I want to bone that to my face.

She would cook for you, give back rubs, make you think she’s the perfect one for you. Until stupid me decided to ask her out…… bad mistake. First month was great but I had a funny feeling she was be sneaky. Then things went down hill when I busted her in a lie right to my face! She told me she was texting a friend Tara (look out for that one). Turns out it was some marketing guy she didn’t even know. So I asked her about it. She told me I wouldn’t understand because she had no idea about it. (She was fired from her job) that’s where I was really thinking about this sh*t.

After all that she played the don’t talk to me game. OH fun that was. Until she randomly shows up at my door saying she thought about it and was gonna give me another chance lol (like I did something wrong). After that her attitude was great for a b*tch. Pretty much didn’t get what she wanted. But we still went camping and I paid for it all. Didn’t once say thanks. Lucky I wasn’t in the sh*t hole for a while- just a month, thank God.

She feeds off her drunken mother and lives at her dad’s rent free. Her brother left long ago because let’s face it, that family is f**ked. Reza her next door F-buddy hates everyone but Meaghan- funny, eh ? Yah they penetrate. Eww nasty Hindu. She tells you to let your babies go inside her and it’s okay but didn’t mention the abortion she had at 19. Funny how she failed to tell me. Watch out guys she will take everything you have.

You must have given her some sort of mental validation. Women don’t get crazy until they get the ‘I love you’ phrase/text… then they channel their inner psycho. Everything before those words is car salesman tactics. Whatever it takes to get the sale… meaning watch my acting skills even if you suck in bed. They can’t be their true self until you say those words… hence why guys and gays never say them.- nik


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