Lying cheating manipulative heartless chick — Amanda Hastings

Lying cheating manipulative heartless chick — Amanda Hastings

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Amanda Hastings is a 19-20 year old girl that likes to create drama. She harasses people on social media but when it comes down to fists she runs and hides like a scared little girl. She has five kids and all boys. She clams everyone is her baby daddy. She manipulated her current bf Nick into thinking he’s the father to her kids just so she has a roof over her and her kids head. She clams him as the father, meanwhile she goes out and tells every guys here that she’s opened her leg for and tells them they’re the dad. Her one son Kaleb she clams has three dads Nick Jordan, & Derek, but when it comes down to DNA tests, she doesn’t show up to appointments or refuses to go to these appointments. Her first son she lost to CFS due to neglect, unsafe environment, drugs abuser, and being emotional/mental abuse to her current bf n her kids. Yet CFS lets her keep 2 of her other sons. She claims she has one on the way again claiming multiple baby daddies. She’s faked an abortion and miscarriage just to get attention and to get under the skin of the person she clams is the father. Which the baby on the way is a lie. That girl is good for opening her mouth and feeding ears with lies!

This girl has been stalking, and harassing people on social media. Her ex best friend who lost her baby and being cruel about. She has also harassed a pregnant girl, uttering threats to her and her unborn child. So heartless and cruel. As a mother she should be empathetic and not a heartless a*whole she is.

She creates fake social media accounts and she goes by Ashlie Hastings to harass these girls and the guys she clams are her baby daddies. She’s good for cheating, lying, and manipulation. She’s cheated on her current bf Nick with a friend of both theirs in Nick’s home when he wasn’t home and also had the nerve to cheat on him with him in the same house in a different room watching Amanda’s 2 sons. She’s good at opening her legs wide for business to any guy that looks her way and tries to breakup other people’s relationships because she’s jealous of not having what she wants. When all she wants is the Greg and to blame them for getting her pregnant. She calls every girl a “wh*re” crack head or meth head that she doesn’t like, meanwhile she’s the lying cheating back stabbing drama starter. She likes to make up lies about other people’s lives on social media and to other people to try to ruin their lives as she claims she can ruin other people’s lives.

She makes up these lies to get other people in trouble and start drama for her needs to feel amused, get attention and because it makes her feel good about herself when she can get a rise out of people. She is a cruel person and deserves so much heat for wanting an unborn child dead, and picking on the weak links because they can fend for themselves yet. She claims it’s other people making these fake accounts and yet she’s keeps getting other people involved to harass and threaten these people for telling her to back off and leave them alone before they get cops involved. She’s been raped and taken advantage of by one of her baby daddies she claims is hers and still lets her kids be around that person she still talks with him to fill his head up with more lies so she has friends.

She lies to make friends and is a very fake friends. She also clams her friend’s BF’s are her baby daddies too. Someone needs to put this little her in her place before she gets herself badly hurt by doing these things because one-day someone is bound to make her pay and that someone doesn’t have to be a person either it could very well be Karma. This girl deserves not to have any of her kids, people that care about her because she just takes advantage of those people. One day she’ll die alone if she keeps it up.

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  1. The strong oneApril 17, 2018 at 10:39 PM

    Yvonne u really need to leave ppl alone n look at ur own life.. almost like ur talking about urself

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