Malia Newman The Model Con Artist From Oakland

Malia Newman The Model Con Artist From Oakland

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so there’s a “model” in the Bay Area named Malia Newman. She’s done some small stuff for Forever 21. Beware of this chick. She’s a total con artist. Her current scam is selling raffle tickets to “raise money for a pee wee football team” when she’s actually pocketing the money. She takes your money and then blocks you.

Malia Newman burned my friend for $100, but she’s gotten others for a lot more. She’s been through a couple of sugar daddies already, but apparently they’ve caught on her to her ways. People need to know she cannot be trusted. It’s pathetic. IG: @malchrstn

I giver Newman’s chest two more seasons (years) before gravity is her new Sugar Daddy.- nik

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