Mall Cop Cory Kingsfield

Mall Cop Cory Kingsfield

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met this man on a dating website. He told me he was a Rcmp police officer as well as a bodybuilder. He begged me to go out with him for weeks. I finally caved in and met this man Cory Kingsfield. When he showed up to pick me up the car was a 1980s k car that appeared to be his moms. When he got out to let me in the car he stood 5 foot 7 and weighed no more than 130 lbs. I just about ran away after seeing the child’s body on this man but I tried to look past this.

At the restaurant I ended up paying when he said he lost his wallet. We then went to a pub and got really drunk. We went to his place and when I left the next morning. It was his mother’s house and he lived in the basement. I figured then he catfished me. A few days later I saw him at the mall and the supposed Police officer was a mall cop. Another surprise came a week later when the doctor told me I had contacted a DRD. Just letting future victims know this man is a liar and I don’t remember having sex with him and haven’t had sex with anyone in a year. So I was date raped.

I want to lick his head like a root beer popsicle (no homo).- nik

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