Manipulating Cheater Tiana Gavey

Manipulating Cheater Tiana Gavey

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I fell in love with this chick a few years back we where on and off for a while. When we first got together she cheated on her bf to be with me. I was young so I assumed it was good thing but later in the years she would start messing with my head. I would later find out she cheated on me several times and recently we tried to patch things up cause I thought she changed. She had gotten a job and all but was still seeing many different men and led me on to believe she loved me and I was the only one for her. I really believed her until she stopped texting me for a few days. Her friend would later msg me asking me if I seen Tiana and if she’s okay saying her bf beat her up and I was mad and sad at the same time. I thought I was her bf.

Come to find out she’s been playing me like a chump. I would start seeing someone but my heart wanted that lying b*tch. IDK why so i would ask her a month later if she was okay and if she needed help. Mentioned I would no longer love her, but still help her. Her response was ”stay outta my life.” Broke my heart cause I did. I was loyal and everything and in return I got treated like garbage by a piece of trash.

Her sisters have been up here before- Tiffany Gavey and Tannis Atkinson. It’s her turn no. Take notes guys- she’s really easy so if you msg her best expect some loose pu**y in the next few days.  She loves sending nudes too. IDK why she wont even ask for nudes from you. I couldn’t share any i was too heart broken too even share this pic of her smh. Anyway if you want a quick f**k or wanna avoid this broke sweaty stinky chick then her she goes by Tiana Gavey and Atkinson but dont you ever trust this chick. She’s an expert liar and knows how to pull your heart strings to get you stay with her cute lonely ass.

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