Maria From San Diego is Cheating On Her Boyfriend And She Denies It

Maria From San Diego is Cheating On Her Boyfriend And She Denies It

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman turns off her phone all night and will not answer my friend’s calls or text. He is in love with her, but all she does is gives him excuses telling him her brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 which is water proof, shatter proof and dumb girl sleeping around proof, is on the fritz and is not charging right. YA SURE LADY!!!

Or this one I love- that she is sleeping or went to bed early. NOT!! Her boyfriend is a good friend of mine. Poor guy is pulling his hair every night wondering what this dirty little floozy is doing and he just takes it. Worst part is she thinks she is god gifts to men- 5’0″ about 145lbs, pretty if you know what I mean, suffers from that disease- NOASSATALL GET IT!! and a rack.

But I want Maria put on blast and for my friend to realize what she is doing is not right and to leave her or at least humiliate her. Ricky Valdez is a nice guy, treats her like a queen and she is just stepping all over his heart what ever she is doing its not him.

Ricky, I wouldn’t worry about it. I can’t see how anyone besides yourself would be inside of this. Maria looks like one of those women that can bench 300 pounds and doesn’t even know it.- nik

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