Marina Zinga The Manipulative Psychopath

Marina Zinga The Manipulative Psychopath

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Marina Zinga. She will suck your Greg and rob you dry. This past two months have been intense. Her ex boyfriend Kyle Mcaurthur just got out of jail. She was terrified because he was out but sure as hell she was back on his Greg for a week.

After that didn’t work out Marina Zinga started dating someone else (David Shadwell). She needed to as she said and I quote “hide from him- he’s been abusing me again.” But that’s not all that was happening. Marina has been popping xanax like candy, she said “5 a day” but it dosen’t stop there!! Marina loves drinking and doing drugs and did I mention she’s a babysitter? She’s been high on the job, there have been complaints from parents of her sleeping and the kids in hurt situations.

Also, Marina’s biggest turn on must be kids. She’s been with 3 minors in the past month (that we know of). Somebody put a dot above her house already. She’s 23 and enjoys young teens. We heard her boasting about a 14 year old she was trying to sleep with.

If that doesn’t say what kind of sick person she is maybe this will- she will run from all her problems and put the blame on everyone else but when her life starts falling apart she becomes the psychopath that she is. She will scream at people for no reason, have bi-polar tendencies, use people for everything they have, then fall back on the “woman abuser”– not to mention she’s sleeping around with a DRD.

If I was Marina Zinga I would be taking a Xanex just from the anxiety of taking 5 Xanex a day.- nik

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  1. bizzyOctober 24, 2017 at 8:52 AM

    False take this down who put this sky or kyle ? Got they feelings hurt cause they fell inlove with someone who was just haven fun everyone goes threw it but wazte mans always go to extreme when hurt i guess

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