Matt Malbog Of Fort McMurray

Matt Malbog Of Fort McMurray

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’d like to welcome the newest F-boy Matt Malbog to your site. This ones deserves douche of the year award, not only does he have the hair and the clothes to play the part but he’s got the handful of unknowing girls to go with it. So, starting at the beginning my friend met this guy in camp because of tinder and they immediately hit it off.

He was perfect, a sweet talker, a nice personality, great looks, nice eyes. Well 2 months goes by and he’s planning a trip with her to the beaches of cali, he’s met her family, her friends, taken her out. Matt Malbog even had the audacity to say ‘I love you’ while he was screwing her. Days later she received a message, it was a girl who’s from Calgary working in Fort Hills who just so happens to know Matt. So they begin to talk, only to find out that this girl is actually his girlfriend who goes by Stephanie Paige, that he’s been dating since February.

He had my friend convinced he didn’t have Facebook and he wanted to take things slow with labelling what they were. All of us (her friends) seemed something was up with him. However she gave him the benefit of the doubt. Upon learning of his girlfriend they began talking, one thing led to another and they both explained their situation to the other. It turns out Matt was living two different lives and had my friend blocked on Facebook and also goes by the name “Matt Mailbox” in Edmonton Alberta.

This guy would screw her, dine her, kiss her, text her and call her. Right up until days off then he was “busy ” with ball and yard work. When in reality he was with his girlfriend. The piece of Shit even went to spend the night with his girlfriend in camp, screwed her, then left the next morning because he had to “go to work” when actually he drove to my friends house, washed his dick in the shower then crawled in bed with her only to take her and her sister out for a nice day and lunch. Now this is where it gets good.

One day on his days off in Edmonton with the real girlfriend she picked up his phone and came across my friends messages to him, she instantly asked who she was in which he replied “just someone I work with” which clearly turned out to be complete and utter bullsh*t. This sociopath is trying to deny EVERYTHING to his girlfriend making it look like my friend made it all up, once he was shown the photos, the messages, all the evidence that this in fact DID happen, he then blames his girlfriend for being “shady” and “untrustworthy” for going through his phone. With absolutely NO remorse for what he’s done. This guy is the definition of f*ck boy or antichrist. Which ever you prefer.

Later on we found out this guy is actually full of DRDs 😷😷 so fair warning to any other unlucky lady out there who may come across him, DON’T DO IT. He spends more Time in the bathroom getting ready then you do, his cock is about ready to rot off, and every word that comes out of that pitiful mouth is guaranteed a lie. He also loves to play with minds so fair warning if you’re reading this EVERYTHING is true. Run, run very fast and very far.

It’s Tinder people… that’s a sex app… not a home for marriages. You swipe to find matching DRD’s, not love.- nik

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