Matthew Wells And Geneva Samantha Munoz Want To Choke Babies

Matthew Wells And Geneva Samantha Munoz Want To Choke Babies

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so a bit of a background, today I was scrolling a little on Facebook taking a break while my kid was asleep.. Came across a post in a group that I’m in, first off Matthew Wells was spewing off homosexual remarks etc, and when I commented he started trying to take petty jabs at me. Then proceeded to take a photo of my daughter and post it, saying he would choke her too.

And on top of that this dink also takes another Mother’s photos and talks trash about her kids. After a bit he kept going on about my kid and how I’m apparently this and that. Both I and the lady (Geneva Samantha Munoz) who’s photo was also taken messaged his girlfriend, but she also started to go on too. Calling my kid a meth head baby, and saying that she’s ugly. This and that.

Meanwhile no one has brought up their little girl. I find it disgusting that as parents people like this still have custody of their kids! Just trying to get their name out there, because you know stuff comes and bites you in the ass in the end. Don’t mess around and say that you’ll choke a 7 month old, or any kid for that matter. I hope that beautiful little girl is taken from your custody, because God only knows what you do to her.

Facebook is savage.- nik

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