Meet Dustin Maclean The Sperm Donor

Meet Dustin Maclean The Sperm Donor

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Dustin Maclean, 40 year father of 5 soon to be 6. (almost all of them have different mothers). This man is a Raving physcotic pill head alcoholic. This man gets girls pregnant and beats them. He did it to his most recent girlfriend while she was 7 months pregnant. He is the most abusive person you could ever come across, he abuses women and keeps getting away with it. Hide ur kids, hide ur wife, hide ur daughter because Dustin Maclean is back on the lose single on the prowl looking to mess up someone else’s life.

Dustin please finance a tube tie procedure… the payments are cheaper than child support ones. Like ten cents to the dollar based on your baby momma numbers. Plus, you’re not a professional athlete… there’s no need to be Shawn Kemp.- nik

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  1. Hunter MacleanApril 17, 2019 at 5:50 PM

    Hi my dad left me and I have a biological brother and sister and two half sisters and he just had a no kid. I never really seen him in a while but this is what he looks likes his name is Dustin Maclean and this exactly represents him. Do u have any more pictures of him or detail so I can clearifie like we’re he lives or something