Mindy Murray Loves Drugs

Mindy Murray Loves Drugs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik and the DA, Mindy Murray’s disease spreading self had an attempted clapback on her Facebook page, without naming you specially, with the “My People is Better than urs” hashtags while her heroin using self validated how egotistical she truly is and how disgracefully toxic thinking she is the greatest thing Kentucky is. This avid thief and heroin loving dope fiend is without any type of moral values in life, simply because she masks her callousness behind her Facebook account and now is now highly invested in this.

Now I know little about the drug addiction environment, but there is an old saying that you cannot get clean and sober going back to the same people that got you hooked on it in the first place. Problem is she keeps getting hooked on heroin with those fellow, toxic dope lovers of hers (notably Trevor Bishop), gets thrown in jail, winds up in rehab, gets out, and goes right back to it once again. While she chose to throw her daughter under the bus, refusing to be a mother herself whatsoever. If it isn’t one thing in the KY (as they say) in regards to disease filled drug addicts like Mindy refusing to be a mother first, then it’s something else.

I already done left the state to move far away from all the drama that has gone down with the heroin issues in the state, and Mindy’s toxic self gives me and others no desire to move back there. This toxic needs dumped in a sewer line or something with all those diseases she passes since she chooses to pick up the heroin and a needle, and complete refuses to be a mother to a child who wants to be with her more than anything. Once she’s eliminated from society, the world becomes a better place and Kentucky becomes toxic free. DA Strong as always.


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  1. SerhanSeptember 5, 2017 at 4:23 AM

    And she wonders why I don’t do the dope game. Ha! Good bye and good riddance!

  2. Emily FlinkerSeptember 3, 2017 at 3:19 AM

    Finally been caught and brought to justice

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