Miranda Banman of Edmonton

Miranda Banman of Edmonton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to begin. This is Miranda Banman the girl I sadly became friends with at Braemar. She is the most trashy girl I know. This girl doesn’t know what clean is. Her clothes are always dirty same with her husband and kids- they all smell horrible. She doesn’t know how to clean a house and it looks like a dump yard in their home- disgusting.

Now she may seem all nice but she will use you and steal from you. She likes to be nice to your face and bashes you behind your back. She’s obsessed with her husband’s ex and extremely jealous of her because she had his first baby. She also married her husband because she wanted to make sure he’d never be able to leave her for his ex. She has some serious issues and should be on some medication or admitted to a mental ward.

I’m warning you all do NOT TRUST THIS CRAZY B**ch- she will ruin your life, steal from you, and then victimize herself and make you seem like the bad person.

I only hope this helps people from. Making the same mistake as me this trashy girl had a trashy family and they will all gain up on you.


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