Moryah Nixon and Alyssa Mellon

Moryah Nixon and Alyssa Mellon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Moryah Nixon and her girlfriend Alyssa Mellon. Let’s start with Moryah … she constantly cheats on Alyssa everyday even with underage girls. Moryah injects herion and smokes meth with these underaged girls And when the girls refuse the drugs she threatens their lives and hits them until they do it .. she’s broken into the town and country movie store while they were shutting down for her buddy Jordan Lewis. She stole games, phones, movies, and controllers but that’s not it. She also broke into her OWN FAMILY’S HOUSE and stole game systems, games, money, and jewelry and pawned them in Belleville

Every girl she has been with has said she beat them until they did what she wanted. Some even say she would burn her partners with cigarettes if they wouldn’t sleep with her or do something for her. She constantly texts/Facebooks these young girls telling them how sexy they are and how bad she wants to “eat them.” She even goes as far as asking these girls for graphic photos of them cutting their wrists with box cutters and tells them the way they bleed makes her wet. How disgusting. She messes with these young girls minds everyday on social media And she beats and steals from the elderly. She beat her own grandmother and stole all her belongings just to pawn them for her drug money. She is the most disgusting person I know.

Alright now Alyssa (one with glasses)… She claims to be so tough, but when u tell her to come fight, she never shows. She faked being transgender to get attention awhile back. When she realized it wasn’t all good attention, she changed all her info back to “straight cis female.” She doesn’t even walk her fat a*s down the stairs. She gets other people to do and get things for her. She even went as low as sucking off 3 guys for burgers at McDonald’s and made a snapchat saying “I should suck Greg for food more often.” She’s proud of the sexual favors she gives and brags about how much food they buy her. She tells every girl they are fat and ugly and should slice their throats. Meanwhile she’s a full blown beach whale, but swears up and down she only weighs 120. She is so disgusting her own family doesn’t want her anywhere around . She acts tough on social media But won’t show to a fight she caused ? She even goes as low as sleeping with her girlfriends brother when she’s sleeping. Real winners, eh? lmfaooo

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