Narcissist Richard Santana

Narcissist Richard Santana

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this career criminal uses women. Richard Santana steals from them, hits, cheats, and uses people up for whatever he can. Not only does he take advantage of single mothers but he has been in trouble with the law for child porn. Beware of him ladies! Keep him away from your wallets and your children! He will steal from you and use your hard earned cash to buy his drugs, then he will find a reason to get alone with your kids.

There is a long list of victims in his wake- don’t be his next! He moves from the Amarillo area down to the coast, and up to Oklahoma. Right now he is in Colorado. He will claim that he moves around for work, but truth is he doesn’t work, hasn’t in years. He is on probation and has warrants in several states. If confronted with this sociopath, run! Run fast and far before he ruins your life like he did to me. He goes by Rick, Richy, Eddy, and Gilbert. And likes to touch little kids.

I prefer Gilbert (he looks like a true Gilbert). Gilbert’s to me seem like the type of dudes who penetrate beat chicks with all their sexual talents so they fall asleep after sex- then they steal the cash from the swear jar. So messed up.- nik

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  1. I am Rachel RomeroDecember 31, 2017 at 10:18 PM

    Who is this and where are you from? I have known Richard since we were 12 yrs old and this is a pack of fabricated lies. I’ve seen him with children and know his children. I’ll pray for you, whoever you are. He must have trusted you and you must have learned about what you could say to hurt him the worst.. what a Shame..

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