Netflix Star And Comedian Anthony Rogers Has No Chill

Netflix Star And Comedian Anthony Rogers Has No Chill

Anthony Rogers is a local comedian in St. Louis who made local press again last Friday and Vess Soda is getting major backlash with the VP of marketing for Cott Beverages even making a statement in regards to an image they posted with Vess and Rogers.

 “This was just one of many pieces of repurposed user-generated content that we use to connect with communities,” says Jason Sorvillo, Vice President of marketing at Cott Beverages. “Fans share their photos with our brands, and we get their permission to post them.”

Looks like Cott didn’t do their homework… Anthony Rogers is famous in his town, but for the wrong reasons. According to a local — “He just says whatever he wants and makes no apology. He doesn’t care who he hurts and comes off like a sociopath.”

They continued, “Anthony makes rape jokes and says f**ked up sh*t. He lost two local brands in St. Louis. But he just laughs it off.”

Something tells us Jason Sorvillo’s next statement will be an apology.

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