Nick Shannon of Langley, BC

Nick Shannon of Langley, BC

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is quiet and secretive, likes Insane Clown Posse and perpetuates the bad stereotype associated with them..he and his family have been putting on a good act for a loooong time so have a very good front but don’t be fooled! In his world he is always the victim and never does anything wrong. The world owes him. He is a narcissistic manipulator and has kept his dirty deeds a big secret and never been caught so has no record…(yet!) I have a ton of evidence for any poor girl who wants to know the truth about this guy if god forbid she falls for his bs.

To break it all down in point form this guy has been physically and verbally abusing his son since 1 month old, tried to suffocate his ex, steals all the time (even his sons formula and diapers, the one thing he’s asked to pay for!), has major sexual dysfunction (you don’t want to know), huge redneck racist, cheats -even while his ex was pregnant, likes wearing lacey g-strings, is obsessed with anal (on himself as well as trying to force it on girls or always poking there bum when asked not to), and has mainly watched pre-op transvestite porn for at least the last 5-6 years so has trouble in the bedroom with ladies unless he recently watched something or you go near his butt!

However, don’t feel bad for this guy because you think he’s in the closet and just needs someone understanding to help him out. He screws over every girl he comes in contact with and has only had 1 relationship that lasted longer than 6 months. If you’re too sympathetic, you’ll be his next target. He also drives his Mitsubishi lancer raliart like a maniac (he may say he has never been in an accident but he’s been in plenty bad ones before with the way he speeds ..180km in a 80km area). And did i mention this psycho has guns??! You can tell who he is by his neck tattoo of two axes crossed over each other, and that hes’ into dirtbiking and quite stocky.

He usually gets girls through dating sites or apps like tinder. just matter how desperate you might be or how charming he is at first and throws money around…don’t fall for it..every gift will be used against you and he will conveniently forget all the money in gifts you spent on him ..he’s not worth the headache ladies! His trick is to deny deny deny…even when faced with cold hard evidence ..he wants you to hang on to that little bit of doubt and ignore everything…Tread carefully!..

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