Nik, Would You?

Nik, Would You?

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, pretty sure Kacie McDonnell has been submitted in the past but I’m too lazy to look. I know you talk about armpits and how you can tell if a girl is fat by them. So when I saw this picture of Kacie I was almost in awe at how skinny and nice they are. No shade here girl… so Nik, would you? P.S. why aren’t you attaching the city to the posts anymore? I liked when I could search by my city specifically by clicking on the box.

Answer: No, anyone who gets over 500 likes on a picture is lame in bed. They lay there thinking they are owed something for the Greg inside of them. Plus, the underarm blubber is concerning. You want real sex… find a woman who doesn’t care about social media. The ones who want to feel life instead of fake it.

**The cities will be back by July 1. Currently there are two websites because we suck. — working on firing everyone and starting over in Scottsdale, AZ.- nik

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