Nikki Toledo From Raleigh-Durham

Nikki Toledo From Raleigh-Durham

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Nikki Toledo. She will do just about anything for attention. She is currently a single mother but acts like she doesn’t even have a daughter. She used to be married and apparently that didn’t work out, probably because she was out all the time hanging out with other guys instead of being at home with her husband. Nikki was living with her in-laws and they even bought her a car. She acts like she is rich when in reality she just lives of others peoples money. Lie her in-laws.

Well her first marriage went downhill and she separated, started dating a guy name Richie Tran. Poor fool does anything to make her happy like buying her anything she wants. All while she cheats on him. Any guy that gives her the time of day or buys her anything she jumps on their Greg.

She does have amazing breasts but no ass, and her face is a little chubby. But if you want in on her just buy her anything expensive and give her some attention. She started out getting attention by getting into the “car scene” with the car her in-laws bought her, then she started getting into guns, just for the attention, and now shes into motorcycles.

She acts like she is really great in bed bud with a flat ass she’s not doing much. Back to her daughter, if you look at her social media you will barely find pictures of her daughter, you will find more pictures of her and her friends or pictures of her showing off her legs and breasts. Now she lives with her mom and she just dumps her daughter somewhere just so she can go out and be with her friends and act like she single, while at the same time be engaged. The poor fool of her fiance spends all his money on her and she just cheats on him behind his back. Nikki is not a real mother and she is not loyal to her fiancé.

Tran you have an amazing fist name… don’t mess it up by chasing this.- nik

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