Nodding Queen Kelli Rudd

Nodding Queen Kelli Rudd

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik and the DA, well if your thinking the army medic private Rudd is a wonderful person or mother think again!! Hate to blow your cover girl but kelli may have it together on the outside, or so it seems but deep down inside she’s a POS mother while having people believe she is mother of the year but in reality she is the mother dearest. If she is not sleeping around, she is getting high with a needle in her arm For hours.

Oh can’t forget that you could probably find a needle almost in every room may luck out and find two! But at least her little boy is entertained with people always in and out at all hours not to mention “sleeping over”. While prego again But surprise it’s not her boyfriend who happens to be in jail currently. Yes ladies and gents knocked up by a fellow druggie douchebag, cute really.

Oh yes Little Rock’s finest at motherhood of drugs. Don’t let her mislead you on thinking she is a true friend or let alone a human, she will use and abuse you every asset you have and ladies don’t leave your men alone with this Greg smoocher.

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