Perverted And Bald Doug Albert Smith

Perverted And Bald Doug Albert Smith

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik and DA please beware of Doug Albert Smith, an ex Air Force pilot who loves to brag about bombs he dropped on civilians overseas. Now working as the private pilot for Jim Pattison, this old pervert loves to pray on young girls and uses his connections with the BC Lions to lure them in. He uses escorts sites to meet girls and even uses his dogs name Yukon999 as his username.

He will get them intoxicated and has been known to add something more. He loves sending Greg pics and using blackmail to threaten girls. More than a few girls have now come forward and spoken to police. Young girls in Toronto and Vancouver beware!!!

He constantly rants about his ex wife Nancy Smith who he claims cheated on him constantly with multiple different men while he served overseas. And even went as far as having paternity tests done for his three daughters Deanna, Denay and Mikayla because he claimed they were too ugly to be his.

This disgusting bald child predator needs to be checked into a mental health facility for the benefit of society, the company he works for, and his own daughters safety.

The picture above is such a joke. CFL is not real football. BC Lions would be +21.5 against Mission Viejo High School and +14 against Mater Dei Santa Ana High School. As far as the bald dude… what bald dude isn’t creepy?- nik

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  1. WonderWomanDecember 28, 2017 at 4:22 PM

    He is a clingy maniac. Blackmailed me and threatened me. Seriously unstable.

  2. KarenOctober 14, 2017 at 9:36 PM

    People this is what you get when your friend meet a crazy girl. Who ever needs to read this you will find my friend that I know so very well, to be honest, good hearted, caring, and more so will do anything for other’s. This young girl and think my friend knows now to stay very clear of the young one, as if they do not get what they want this is what they do. To bad the police can not do anything about this crazy lady, she should see what see is in a jail and see what crazy people she would meet.

    As for my friend I hope you all know that he is one great person and true friend, for you the crazy bitch know that you need to grow up, and more so I hope one day someone dose this to you…. because you are a money hungry bitch.