Peter Daglian Gives Glendale A Bad Name

Peter Daglian Gives Glendale A Bad Name

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, have you heard about this wanna be “high roller” Armenian named Peter Daglian? He still lives with his parents and inherited the family buisiness yet claims to have all this money but makes charges on credit cards and disputes them to “afford” his luxury lifestyle… he even admitted most of his girlfriends usually started being with him for the money he portrayed to have.

In his spare time he goes to a beat down club called Blue Zebra and tries to hook up with the oldest or most ratchet look strippers there… it’s so sad his parents think he’s some prodigy because without him and his scammer ways they couldn’t be as wealthy looking as they try to portray. Peter Daglian is a pepsi addict as well as addicted to African American prostitutes. PS: Peter in your spare time you should look into seeing a dermatologist or a personal trainer you fat pizza face.

Was the P.S. really necessary. We get it… Dags has amazing shoulder hair.- nik

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