Philippe Kjellgren – How He Scams Investors and Employees

Philippe Kjellgren – How He Scams Investors and Employees

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, beware of Philippe Kjellgren. He is a con artist. He claims to be a ‘travel expert’ and maybe he is, but he does it by building a business plan and convincing investors to pour money into it. He has done this a few times, and searching his name reveals the companies.

In his most recent scam with “insider”, he literally burned millions. And he left a lot of employees owed tens of thousands of dollars. He would pay on time one month, then make an excuse to string you along, then pay for some of what was owed, and the amount owed progressively grew. Most employees with “insider” were owed at least US$40-50K, and since there were over a dozen (closer to 20) this means he was responsible for owing employees over $500,000.

For investors, he avoided topics related to funds, funding, progress, until he was finally cornered at hotel insider (according to reliable sources) that he had burned all the cash and the project would not be completed. It didn’t help that he would take trips on the company dime, first class all the way, and stay in hotel suites costing over $2,500 per night. It wasn’t his money, and he’s a travel expert. He was removed from Kiwi collection for burning the cash as well, and keeps going back to the same game plan, looking for investors in North America, but mostly Europe. So that he can continue to travel for free.

Philippe Kjellgren screwed many people over, without any signs of regret or remorse, and will keep doing so. If you’re a potential employee, move on. If you’re a potential investor, keep looking.

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