Please Expose Tampa’s Doctor Lipka

Please Expose Tampa’s Doctor Lipka

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s Dr. Lipka. He is quite possibly one of the biggest idiots I have met. We met while I was on Tinder and the moron failed to realize he also matched with one of my best friends and he started sending her the same pictures/messages verbatim. He will sweet talk you with all this I am well off, and I am one of the prominent Doctors in Tampa. Blah blah blah. What he doesn’t realize is that he is just another loser sending GREG pics and topless shirts to women.

It really sucks that I have to be Superman today. I just wanted to be a normal mortal. I just wanted to be Hooman again… Why can’t this world just operate without me?- nik

**That being said I’m looking for a new Nik Richie, somebody who I can teach my wisdom too… a young Gent who only sees in Blonde and jawlines. If you think you have what it takes email me. Job requirements – 23+ years of age, sees dead people and ok with meaningless sex – [email protected]

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