Prideless Gold Digging Flat Ass Megan Turner

Prideless Gold Digging Flat Ass Megan Turner

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can we just take a moment to ask Megan Turner why she would stay with RD when Morgan just called her out on Instagram?? Morgan told her, “don’t come for me Megan Turner we all know RD saved you from the club- he thinks your pu**y is wack and her face is nasty I have been f**king her man for 7 months.” Thank god for editing apps.

Has anyone seen this floozy in person? She looks like a tranny and has the biggest foot I’ve ever seen! It’s hilarious that Megan actually post pictures and videos always by herself of these trips and bags and shoes that she gets, yet the whole world know she gets treated like feces every day of her life. Even her own friends know it.

I dare one of them to get on this post and truthfully say they haven’t seen her get talked to like she’s a dog. It’s funny that she will sell her soul to the devil just to have a Chanel purse 😂😂 Good thing Morgan moved onto a richer guy or Megan might’ve had some trouble. And all the other chicks he cheats on you with everybody knows your dirty secret.

I’m so out of the loop (glad to be back). But I do know Morgan (right) doesn’t front. If she said it, then it’s legit.- nik

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  1. No cake girls allowedMay 30, 2018 at 9:55 PM

    Morgan Turner needs to be respectful, learn some manners and remember where she came from! There is always someone younger and prettier so smarten up girl!

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