Ramy Romio The Egyptian Catfish

Ramy Romio The Egyptian Catfish

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, while I was promoting my book, “My Soldier (305): A Miami Memoir”, the book where I mention how wise you are and what a great sense of humor you have, this man Ramy Romio, a lawyer from Cairo, Egypt friended me on Facebook. I think he is very handsome (he has nice eyes) but I think it is a “Catfish”.

For one, his Cairo High School listed on his Facebook page is in Illinois, lol. He has messaged me and asked me to be on camera. I called him out on the high school, he just said I’m from Egypt. When I didn’t want to do what he asked he sent me ugly, angry red faced emoji’s. Nik, what do you think of men from Egypt?

Be careful. Dudes from Egypt love to poop on stomachs, then rub it in with their hands and take the harder pieces to place in your mouth. The sexual goal is to make you swallow with eye contact… it makes them feel like they are feeding their food to you, like a Mother bird.- nik


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