Robin Walters — Straight From the Trailer In Kansas

Robin Walters — Straight From the Trailer In Kansas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this is Robin Walters. Formerly Robin VanSkiver. I don’t even know where to begin. This piece of trailer trash is without a doubt the worst thing to happen to human kind. She is a known cheater in her marriage. Flip flops between men constantly. And all the while dragging her poor son into her mess of a life while at the same time trying to isolate him from his father whom he loves dearly.

Her and her mother neglect and brainwash the child. It has also been said that she uses her son as a crutch in relationships when she is alone. Talk about desperate. Since the divorce she has also clung to her fattie bestie, chopped her hair off like a lesbian, and gained an excessive amount of weight.

It is clearly evident that regardless of how the claims the marriage ended she is still stuck on it. I almost feel bad for her. Try to get your life together sweetie. For your sons sake. Or better yet give up your rights before you screw him up for life.

Once I get this website fixed, I’m going to create a new section called ‘FedEx’ – this will be a place where you can submit your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. There will be rules to what I’m looking for, but we must save the next person- in 3 days or less.- nik

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  1. Robin VanskiverJanuary 30, 2018 at 3:14 PM

    Also ironically the person that posted this was put on the dirty a while back (before I knew her) for being a slut and sleeping with a married man. Go figure.

  2. Robin VanskiverJanuary 30, 2018 at 12:38 PM

    To start, I know my ex husband’s baby momma (Breanna Hickok) wrote this. My legal last name is still Vanskiver. Why? Because it’s my son’s last name, so it makes things easier, especially since Bre over steps her boundaries and tells the school and doctors that she is actually my son’s mother. Also the picture she posted is from 8 or more years ago. My marriage ended because my ex husband is a registered sex offender (Dale VanSkiver, who Bre is now married too) and was so addicted to watching 13 year old girl porn and was too busy cheating on me with 18 year old hosts at On the Border. I did sleep with someone after we had been separated for the second time for several months. My ex husband and I never talked or looked at each other. It was already over, but she can believe what she likes. Also my mother and my best friend love my son dearly. I am blessed to have such a great support system. I am not really sure what my hair or body has to do with anything.

    If we want to talk about trailer trash, Bre takes the cake. My ex husband told me she used to sell sexual favors, which is evidenced by her backpage add (a site designed for that). She accidentally got pregnant and had to run to mommy and daddy in Texas to get an abortion (real mother of the year). She got with my ex husband 5 months after we separated. They knew each other for 2 months before she got knocked up. Then less than a month after that one was born, she got knocked up again. Real classy. So finally they got married, I think mostly so she could have the last name to make it easier to get away with posing as my son’s mother. They force my son to call her mom when he is at their house, talk about brainwashing.

    Bre lives in a fantasy world where they are the best parents, and I am still pining for my ex husband. No thank you! I was the one who said I want a divorce. None of that really matters. What matters is my son. I want him to maintain a relationship with his father, but Bre needs to back off. My ex husband refuses to work as a team, especially since anytime he talks to me and is decent, Bre freaks out and gets jealous, then pulls another dumb stunt. Getting divorced was the best decision of my life, for myself and my son. Now he is away from all the screaming and violence.

    We all make mistakes. What matters is what we do after them. My son adores me and feels safe with me, though I know Bre would say otherwise. All I care about is trying to make a normal as possible life for my son.

    It’s really easy to get on here, make up crazy stories and not have to put your real name on it. Grow up. Focus on yourself. I will always be more important to my son than Bre ever will.

    Bre, please stop stalking me online. Please stop harassing my ex boyfriends. Please keep your nose out of my business. Dale and I are the parents not you. Let us raise him. Step parents are supposed to mentors, friends, supply Guidance, but never try to take the role of parent. Bre, you were a psychology major, why don’t you read some scholarly articles on how to be a step parent (did you even graduate?)

  3. Wonder womenJanuary 30, 2018 at 12:28 PM

    She never cheated in her marriage he always cheated with all the young girls at work that’s where he got new wifey. Now that’s trailer trash knowing he was married and hooked up with him and got pregnant that’s why the divorce. She is so stupid she believes all his lies. Young and dumb that’s what he likes.

  4. FuglyJanuary 26, 2018 at 7:04 PM

    We used to hang out in the same crowd. She’s always been crazy! Poor little kid. Hopefully dad finds a way to get full custody.

    • Robin VanskiverJanuary 30, 2018 at 12:42 PM

      He won’t ever get full custody because he is a registered sex offender and on lifetime parole. Why don’t you use your name? Or would it just prove how fake and set up this is. Bre apparently used to run the same crowd of people from sheesha, so how does that make your argument valid? Also that was over 8 years ago.

    • Wonder womenJanuary 30, 2018 at 12:23 PM

      First of all her name is Vanskiver not Walters. Sounds like the new wifey is just at her old tricks. Let’s talk crazy shall we. The new wifey truly believes she gave birth to the child. The ex is a registered sex offender, and brain washing is from them. They force the child to call new wifey mom. She signs legal documents as his mother. The child has had to go to therapy due to the crazy people. Robin had to take the Dad to court so the child could go to school. The Dad threw the child who was 2 at the time and Robin out of the house so he could move his pregnant girl in. Spit out kids every 10 months. Tells the child Robin isn’t his mom new wifey is and he will never see Robin again. Had to take the Dad to court so the child could go to therapy got a second opinion was told the child really needed to go. So who needs to straighten up there life, and leave the child alone? Sounds like new wifey wants Robins life take it she doesn’t want that trash anymore hasn’t wanted it since 2015. And as for Robins mother she has only been there to love and support the child. Go ahead and try to go after her mom you will open up a can of worms you don’t want. I think it is very sick for the ex and the new wifey to screw up a small child like they have have. I hope Robin can find a way to get full custody and the Dad has no visits. They are truly sick people and they are the ones who put this on here. Sick sick sick just another way to hurt the child.

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