Roxanne Fortin of Kelowna

Roxanne Fortin of Kelowna

This easy woman is on POF constantly meeting man after man after man. Not only is she meeting them but she is sleeping around with them as well. What GOOD mother in their right mind would sleep around with her daughter in the same room as her? This easy one does. She also steals your boyfriend, gets information about your man, and swoops in like a hawk looking for its prey. This easy one is so dirty I’m actually surprised guys still want her. From what I hear she’s a used up… bi8ch but is toO one-minded on getting laid she doesn’t care about anything else- especially her daughter! Guys, beware- this easy one will ruin your life and your reputation!!!

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  1. [email protected]November 6, 2018 at 8:49 AM

    she well known and she’s single she can date and your using her for your demise that’s what everybody says””